Computer / Laptop repairs

How our Repair Service works:

We offer a collect and delivery service  via our very trusty couriers for repairs to all Laptops , Apple macs , Desktop computers , with over 15 years experience you can be sure to get a quality repair from us. We spesialise in Laptops and Macs.


  If you would like to have us repair your computer, simply follow the steps below 

We repair almost any laptop , computer  and Mac please email us with what the bsic issue is along wiht model and make to sales@digitalgr8ness.com  and we'll get back to you in a flash with a quote.

Here is a basic price break down of basic repairs  , but may vary according to diagnoses : (prices are labour only)

Screen Inverter change from R250
Laptop lcd Screen replacement from R350
Keyboard replacement from R250
Optical drive replacement from R150

Data recovery from R600
Hard drive replacement from R300
Data backup and PC / Mac  fresh OS reinstall from R700



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